Social Media Awards

OLX SoMA Awards 2017

THEME:Celebrating 5 Years of Impact
SoMA Awards recognizes and rewards brands that use social media to transform lives.

OLX SoMA Awards 2017

Kenya Social Media Awards, SOMA, is a combined effort designed to identify opportunities, personalities, and organizations and celebrate the best on social media annually. Eyeballs Africa LTD in partnership with various sponsors expects to promote the use of social media to glorious pinnacles beyond Kenya. SOMA has gradually grown since its debut in 2013 and each year it comes up with a new theme and unveils untapped opportunities that exist in social Media.

SOMA is aware that the enormous value of social media is indispensable for personal branding, business growth, government concerns and community development. It has therefore come up with diverse categories to give all personalities and institutions an equal chance to participate in the annual event.

SOMA has created a brand that continues to live up to the expectations of internal and external stakeholders through authentic nomination and Voting process of participants.