2016 SoMA Awards Survey

2016 SoMA Awards Survey

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the 2016 SoMA Awards

  • About SoMA
  • What We Are Looking For
  • what’s In It for You
  • Campaigning
  • Nomination Process
  • Award Ceremony
  • How We Judge SoMA Awards
  • Judging Criteria
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About SoMA Awards

SoMA Awards is an annual event that seeks to celebrate the growing influence by and through social media in Kenya. As Kenya continues to make strides in digital revolution, the role of social media influencers and enthusiasts has become a key component in business growth, government concerns and community development. Over time, different organizations have adopted different social media platforms for communication as part of their digital marketing and communication strategies. In addition, there is an emerging group of influencers and opinion shapers on a variety of socio-economic issues in our society; truly showcasing the import of social media in today’s way of life. SOMA seeks to not only acknowledge the development of social media, but more so to celebrate its impact in generating and sustaining change in the corporate world, public sector and at the individual level of millions of Kenyans.

What we are looking for:

The annual SoMA Awards celebrates brands and organizations that are using Social Media platforms in innovative ways for economic development and build business value. These brands and organizations create more efficient services to their customers and also add value to their audiences through social media.

These are people who reach more through social media by choosing to save money or to get more out of little invested in marketing of their brand or organizations.

They access new audiences and customers through social media

To be nominated, brands must show that they have executed their online presence well and also innovated ways to reach out to more in a positive way and pioneer economic development. And they must add value, not just get social media benefits.

What’s In It For You

A SoMA Award is an acknowledged mark of social media excellence. The award is given to both companies and individuals, it’s an honor that everyone can take pride in. Being honored among your peers or recognized as the best company over the others is a huge step towards a brand’s and company’s success.


Nominees are welcome to campaign and encourage friends to vote for them.

Offering anything of value in exchange for Shorty nominations is not permitted.

Nomination Process

Unless otherwise noted, each Official Category will have 5 nominees.

SoMA nominees will be selected by the public Nomination and 5 are picked from the top nominees with the most nominations after the nominating period ends.

Awards Ceremony

An awards ceremony will be held in Nairobi City to honor the SoMA Award winners from the categories.

Tickets will be available to the public.

To learn more about the Awards http://soma.or.ke/

Judging Criteria

The Social media awards is driven by the users of different social media networks who interact with different personalities, brands and organizations on a daily basis. The users are given an opportunity to nominate different personalities, brands and organizations according to predetermined categories available.
These nominees are then presented to a panel of judges who shortlist five nominees per category based on the following criteria:


Contact Information

For questions regarding the SoMA Awards or the application, please email the survey support desk


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