1. SOMA Awards competition is open to all brands, corporations and individuals that have presence in different social media networks.
  2. SOMA Awards recognizes brands, organizations and individuals within the Kenyan territory.
  1. SOMA Awards nomination is based on social media activities executed one year before the launch date of nominations
  1. Nomination can be done by anyone or by self.
  1. Nominees should be Kenyans or operating within the Kenyan territory.
  1. One account is limited to nominate once throughout the nomination period.
  1. There is no limit to the number of categories one nominee can nominate
  1. Organizations and personalities that have won the SOMA award before are eligible for nomination. Those that have a SOMA More than 4 times will receive special recognition as Alumni.
  1. All nominated accounts must be live/active and accessible online.
  1. The judge’s decision is final.
  1. Judges are expected to shortlist not more than five nominees per category.
  1. All shortlisted nominees are subjected to a public vote.
  1. The nominee with highest number of votes automatically becomes the winner of that category