Soma Judge – Sharon Olago

Soma Judge – Sharon Olago

Sharon has over 10 years’ experience in communications, strategy and marketing. Her work is entrenched in development communication and organizational development; having worked with government, private sector, NGO and development partners as well as small to medium enterprises to strategize for and communicate change. She worked as a Communications Specialist for the Feed the Future project, AIIM-Assist implemented by ACDI/VOCA) and was previously the Southern African Regional Communications Manager for the Migrating Out of Poverty Consortium, a DFID funded project.

Sharon has extensive experience in synthesizing information into evidence and tailored messages for various stakeholders, and showing the link between funding, change and impact. Some of the institutions that she has worked with include the Governments of the Republic of Zambia, South Africa and Kenya, the Eastern Africa Grain Council, the East African Farmers Federation, Agricultural Market Development Trust, Afro Barometer/Kenya Chapter amongst others.

When she is not wrapped in books, coffee, chocolate ​or​ her laptop, Sharon spends her time spotting urban trends; having a keen interest on how African urban markets are responding to change, and how this change is manifested in how they speak, what they eat, what they ​wear and how they interact with others. Sharon is still learning how to speak French; hopefully she will graduate past bonjour, and soon.

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